My Dynamic Agreements…..

Having the understanding that as we grow and change and our perception of the world around us changes so does the rules that we choose to live by change. So what is good for me today may not be as true tomorrow. Also as I grow and my knowledge base widens so may the way that I choose to govern my life and see the world. I do not profess to be all knowing and thus the dynamic nature of this work. While this may or may not become its own creation that will continue to grow in time I have created four primary rules inspired from Don Miguel Ruiz Four Agreements. What initially started in fun and simple creation I’m afraid may take a mind of its own. This by no means is meant to replace a book that I hold dear to my heart. But rather to simply add through my lense and perspective. This is not a book report or review of his work. I could only wish to become even a small portion of the writer that he is.

Tell the truth

Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Not their truth, his truth, or her truth or what you believe they want you to say but your truth. I am obligated to know the difference between a fact, belief, opinions, and respecting others truths, as they may not be our own. Lying by omission and hiding is not being in truth.

Being in truth is a step towards autonomy, sovereignty, and ultimate freedom.

Stop being a V word!

Stop feeling sorry for myself. Don’t be a victim. Stop feeling sorry for myself! Just stop! Do everything I can when this happens to see it differently. Stop making excuses and get off my lazy ass and do something about it. Nobody fucking cares. They have their own shit to worry about and their own life to live. It is my responsibility and mine alone to take care of the situation. Stop blaming others and take responsibility when necessary. If I don’t have the power to effect change, accept it. Nobody likes a crying little baby and it doesn’t benefit me or others anyway. Stop being a little bitch!

To be so Presumtuous

Stop worrying what others think of me. My truth is not someone else’s truth. Their truth is not my truth. Everyones reality and story is different. I begin to believe what my assumptions are of others and myself to be truth this can lead to judgement. Realize that the world can be seen from a multitude of different angles not just that of our my own. If I want to know just ask. I can’t read minds. If everyone told the truth the need for this would decrease dramatically!


I am capable of much more than I realize. I do the best I can with what I have. DON’T QUIT, SET GOALS, START AND END EACH DAY WITH INTENTION. The point is to grow and improve, Become a little better today than I was yesterday in any and all aspects of my life. With grit, determination, and resilience anything is possible. Fears and self doubt will begin to melt away. Try this for 1, 3, 6 months and then compare. It can be difficult to see on a micro level but from a macro level these changes are huge.

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